Taking new paths, comes with taking risks. It’s the game we take in life. We have two options when it comes to choosing how we are going to get where we want to be in life. One, is to stay on path with what we believe our lives have in store for us. The other is to jump off the paved path and find a backroad that will help us find our way to our purpose for life.  Every once in a while, choosing that road, where we may not know the path or where it will lead to, is the one that will pay off exploring in the end.

Recently I have been given the opportunity to share my blogs, on the website mytrendingstories.com. Being able to share my photography, and the ideas and thoughts I relate to them, mean the world to me. Openly sharing a passion of mine will hopefully help me in the future with a career in this industry. I have a great outlook on what this small opportunity will bring me in the future.